This same Viper already ran a McLaren 720S and lost but that was a stock example driven by a woman. This time it runs into some stronger competition. As a reminder, this Gen V Viper has a ported head and aftermarket cam putting it in the 650 wheel horsepower range.

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The first run is against the tuned McLaren 720S. It just is not even fair as the McLaren easily pulls away.

Two C6's are next one being a HCI FBO E85 tuned Z06 and the other a HCI LS3 with a 275 shot. The Z06 is close but just can't quite edge the Viper. The nitrous fed LS3 tries again but is pulled. Very disappointing performance from the LS3 C6 with that large of a shot.

Next is another Gen V Viper but with FBO (full bolt ons) and the LS3 C6 again. The heads/cam Viper pulls them both and the FBO Gen V pulls the LS3 C6.

A Precision 6266 turbocharged Evo X and a 2nd gen Cadillac CTS-V pull up next. The Viper pulls all three but the Evo X was in it for a couple gears. They run again and the Evo pulls as the Viper seemingly lets off. The third and final round shows the Viper easily handle the Evo.

An E85 tuned FBO GT-R is next. The GT-R seemingly was in the wrong gear or not ready as it is demolished. The GT-R counts off for the rematch and does better but again is rather easily pulled.

For better context a GT-R with upgraded turbos and an E85 tune runs the Viper. The GT-R maybe did not know it was racing as it never even seems to get going.

Great runs as usual from this Viper.