Great 60 mile per hour rolls here from an F10 M5 with bolt on modifications. We do not know the tuner and exact mods but we have a general idea of how fast a bolt on F10 M5 is. It takes on several challengers with some impressive results.

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A Nissan GTR with unknown mods is first and as we all know those can range from mild to wild. This particular example is beaten by the F10 M5.

A cam only C6 Z06 is next which beats the F10 M5 soundly. There might be more going on there than just a cam.

A stock Lamborghini Huracan is next and it is soundly walked.

The first of three runs with a Gintani supercharged E92 M3 is next. Suffice it to say, the M3 wins all three rounds and is trapping roughly 6 miles per hour higher. A strong M3 although what boost and fuel it is running are unknown.

A Hellcat is next and although it gets a lead it seems to be out-trapped significantly. Maybe it let off?

Great runs.