The C6 Corvette Z06 may be a bit old at this point but it still serves as a fantastic comparison baseline. Why? Because it is not as far off from the C7 Z06 in straightline performance as most people think and it is fairly light at 3180 pounds.

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With ported heads and an aggressive cam for the LS7 the C6 Z06 can touch 600 horsepower to the wheels naturally aspirated.

What this example is putting out is anyone's guess but the RS3 it runs has a hybrid turbo upgrade from Iroz. It has the potential to top 140 in the 1/4 mile with some weight pulled on E85.

The RS3 is on E85 and the Z06 is on pump gas.

Skip to the 10:20 mark to finally see them run. The first run is botched as the RS3 is in the wrong gear. The next run is from 50 mph and the RS3 pulls easily.

What can you say? The RS3 is a beast.