• HP Tuners expanding ZF 8HP (8-speed automatic) transmission tuning support

      Upgrading a transmission these days is far more complicated not just due to the hardware but the increasingly sophisticated software. The good news is HP Tuners is expanding their support of the ZF 8HP to Ram, Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep with many more on the way.

      This is a big deal because the ZF 8HP box is very popular and utilized in various forms for a ton of makes and models.

      Here's the potential application list:

      Alfa Romeo
      Alfa Romeo Giulia
      Alfa Romeo Stelvio
      Alpina D3
      Alpina D4
      Alpina B3
      Alpina B4
      Alpina XD3
      Alpina D5
      Alpina B5
      Alpina B6
      Alpina B7
      Aston Martin
      Aston Martin Vanquish
      Aston Martin Rapide
      Aston Martin V8 Vantage (2019)
      Aston Martin DB11
      Audi A4 North American version
      Audi A5 North American version
      Audi A6
      Audi A7
      Audi A8
      Audi Q5 8AT version
      Audi Q7
      Bentley Mulsanne (2010)
      Bentley Continental GT
      Bentley Continental Flying Spur (2013)
      BMW 1 Series
      BMW 2 Series
      BMW 3 Series
      BMW 4 Series
      BMW 5 Series
      BMW 5 GT
      BMW 6 Series
      BMW 7 series
      BMW X1 (First Generation)
      BMW X3
      BMW X4
      BMW X5
      BMW X6
      BMW Z4
      Chrysler 300 V6 (2012+ MY), V8 (2015+ MY)
      3.6 (845RE)
      5.7 (8HP70)
      Dodge Challenger (2015+ MY)
      3.6 (845RE)
      5.7, 6.4 (8HP70)
      6.2 (8HP90)
      Dodge Charger
      3.6, 2012+ MY, 845RE
      V8 (2015+ MY; 5.7, 6.4 8HP70; 6.2 8HP90)
      Dodge Durango (2014 MY+)
      3.6 (845RE)
      5.7 (8HP70)
      H9 (2018-)
      Iveco Daily 2014-on
      XF (2012-)
      XFR (2012-)
      Jeep Grand Cherokee (WK2) (2014 MY+)
      3.6 (845RE)
      3.0, 5.7, 6.4 (8HP70)
      6.2 Supercharged (8HP95)
      Thema V6
      Land Rover
      Discovery 4/LR4
      Range Rover
      Range Rover Sport
      Maserati Ghibli III
      Maserati Quattroporte
      Maserati Levante
      Ram Trucks
      Ram 1500 3.6 L V6 (2013 MY+)
      Ram 1500 3.0 L V6 (2014 MY+)
      Ram 1500 5.7L V8(2013 MY+)
      Rolls-Royce Ghost
      Rolls-Royce Phantom (2013)
      Rolls-Royce Wraith (2013)
      Rolls-Royce Dawn
      Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII
      Volkswagen Amarok
      Volkswagen Crafter and MAN TGE (2017+) (longitudinally mounted engine only)

      Let's hope the list continues to expand.

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      1. gaspam's Avatar
        gaspam -
        this is good for the jeep trackhawk Click here to enlarge .... seriously eying one of those now that they are in the 9s with just a $3400 kit
      1. 135idct's Avatar
        135idct -
        will they support Audi S8 2013?
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by 135idct Click here to enlarge
        will they support Audi S8 2013?
        Potentially. Not there just yet.
      1. Malaka1's Avatar
        Malaka1 -
        So this will just increase shift speed?
      1. Sticky2's Avatar
        Sticky2 -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Malaka1 Click here to enlarge
        So this will just increase shift speed?
        And likely make upgrades play nice...